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As a professional air conditioning installer, you work with a wide variety of people and in many types of situations. What happens if your work damages a client’s home or business? Or what if an individual from the public is hurt as a result of your work?

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What happens if I don’t have insurance?

In many cases, legal action is taken against you and your company. These types of claims can be extremely expensive when it comes to legal fees and if you need to pay the claim. This is where air conditioning installers liability insurance steps in to protect you and your company. Liability insurance is there to take care of legal fees and claims, so you and your business don’t have to pay out of pocket. 

There are other types of insurance policies that can also be a benefit for your air conditioning installer company. These include employer’s liability and professional indemnity insurance. 

Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance
Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance

What is Public Liability Insurance for Air Conditioning Installers? 

Public liability insurance is also called third-party liability insurance, protects you and your business from claims made by third parties. If there’s damage to third party property, or if a third party is injured, then you and your company are protected against legal action and claims that result from these circumstances.

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Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance FAQs

Why Do I Need Air Conditioning Installers Insurance?

As an air conditioning installer, you face legal actions against you and your business when someone is injured, the property is damaged, or well-intentioned advice goes wrong. Without insurance protection, you and your business could face some extremely expensive claims and legal fees. Do you have the money to pay cash for a claim and legal fees? If not, and you don’t have insurance, then your business could face financial ruin. 

However, with the right type of air conditioning insurance policy, you and your business are protected. Accidents happen. If you’re protected, then all the expense of dealing with the claim and legal fees are covered by your policy. You don’t have to worry about going out of business. 

We make it easy to get air conditioning installers insurance directly on the web. If you have questions or would like more information on our policies, then reach out today. We’re looking forward to talking with you!

Who Needs Public Liability Insurance?

Any business that runs in the UK should have public liability insurance. While it’s not legally required, it is essential protection for tradesmen, including air conditioning installers. 

Other Types of Insurance for Air Conditioning Installers

In addition to public liability coverage, there are other types of insurance that can benefit your air conditioning installation business. 

1). Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you have one or more employees, then you’re legally required to have employer’s liability insurance.

This type of cover protects you and your business against claims made against you by employees who are injured, become ill, or who die while working for you. 

2). Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is a coverage designed to protect you and your business if a client says your service or advice is inadequate and has cost them money. 

This type of cover has been created to keep your air conditioning installers company safe. We know you take pride in your work; however, disagreements can happen. With this coverage, you’ll have the ability to put things to right and take care of all legal fees.

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