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Do you own a security business? Then you may want to consider investing in security business insurance. While you work to protect clients from accidents and keep them safe, things can still happen that cause danger to you or another person as a result of your business operations.

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What is Security Guard Insurance?

This is a type of coverage that covers security businesses if you’re self-employed or have a team of security guards & run your own business.

This insurance covers the risks that go with this business. For example, the coverage takes care of physical & mental injuries (including wounds and PTSD).

This is why public liability insurance is so important for your business. This type of cover works to protect you and your company if your business operations result in damage to a client’s property, or a third-party is hurt or their property is damaged.

Why is this coverage important? Because claims made against you and your company are can be expensive. Claims can even bring financial ruin to the company. However, with public liability insurance, your policy takes care of the claim, so you don’t have to.

Security Business Insurance
Security Business Insurance

Why Do You Need Security Guard Insurance?

Because of the high level of risk that goes with the type of business you run. Your work puts you and your team in different types of danger. Not only does this insurance protect others, but it also protects you and your employees.

Security guard insurance covers injuries, property damage, accidents that happen to you, your employees, and members of the public. With this type of coverage, not only are you being responsible for your business, but also for members of the public, as well.

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Security Business Insurance FAQs

What’s Included in Security Guard Insurance?

Security guard insurance can include: 

  • Employer’s Liability of £10 million
  • Public & Products Liability of £5 million
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance which can cover: 
  • Contract works
  • Owned plant
  • Hired-in plant
  • Employees’ tools
  • Essential legal expenses of £100,000
Do Security Guards Need Insurance?

If you’re a security, then you should have this type of coverage. This is a job that comes with high-level risks. Consider what would happen if your business was hit by a claim from a client? Or what would happen if you’re injured on the job? 

It’s in these types of situations that security guard insurance is needed. Without coverage, you and your business could face huge financial losses from just one claim.

How Much is Security Guard Insurance?

Your premium depends on several factors including what kind of security industry you work in, and the level of risk involved with the work. 

Consider security guard insurance coverage as an investment in your life and company. Just one claim could be enough to cause financial ruin and close your business. This makes coverage a cost-effective solution over the long-term.

Do I Need Employers’ Liability Insurance for One Employee?

Yes. You are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance for one or more employees. And you must have at least £5 million of coverage, as a minimum.

Do I Still Need Employer’s Liability Insurance If I Have No Employees?

In this case, you may not be required to have employer’s liability cover. However, if you subcontract work, hire voluntary or casual labor, then you should consider investing in employer’s liability insurance. In these cases, the insurance policy will protect you and your business from claims made by these types of workers. Plus, you protect them, as well. 

I’m Self-Employed. Do I Need Employer’s Liability Insurance?

If you’re self-employed and have no employees, then you may not need this type of coverage. However, you made need employer’s liability if a client requires that you have employer’s liability insurance for a specific project. 

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