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As a groundworker, you understand that risks come with the job. This is why groundworkers insurance is imperative, as it offers protection for your business when the unexpected happens. With a number of insurance options available for groundworkers, how can you be sure to choose the right coverage for your business?

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Protecting Your Business

Groundworkers face unique risks each day, and because the work is varied, your insurance coverage needs to be flexible. This way you’ll have protection against each type of risk and vulnerability. 

By not having the right coverage, you and your business are not protected, and face the possibility of paying for anything that goes wrong. 

Paying out of pocket could put your company right out of business. However, the right groundworkers insurance can protect you and provide peace of mind knowing you’re protected from unforeseen events. 

Groundwork Contractors Insurance
Groundwork Contractors Insurance

Why Do I Need Groundworkers Insurance? 

As a groundworker, you face specific types of risks that need to be covered by specialist insurance policies for your trade. Plus, as a responsible business owner, you want to ensure the company is protected when something goes wrong. No matter how careful and precise you may be, something is bound to happen eventually. That’s a fact, and one you need to prepare for. 

For instance, as a groundworker, you’re constantly working around third parties who could be injured due to your business operations. Third party property could also be damaged as a result of your trade. In addition, if you have employees, they could become sick or injured on the job. Plus, you’re legally required to have insurance that protects them on the job. 

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Groundwork Contractors Insurance FAQs

Types of Insurance Coverage for Groundworkers

Public Liability Insurance

No matter the type of work you’re doing, as a groundworker you face a wide variety of risks. Whether this means a cable’s been sliced by accident, a foundation wasn’t poured correctly, etc., public liability insurance can protect your company. Claims for these types of issues can be hefty, usually being too much for the company to pay out of pocket. 

This is where public liability insurance comes into action. This coverage is meant to protect you against injury to third parties or damage to their property that result from the operation of your business. 

Employer’s Liability Insurance 

If you have one or more employees, you are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance to protect them. This type of insurance protects employees who become ill or hurt on the job. 

Tool & Plant Coverage for Groundworkers

This is another insurance that’s necessary to protect your livelihood. You need your tools and equipment to get work done. Without them, your business won’t last. Think of how expensive it would be to replace these tools on your own. 

Tool and plant cover protects your tools and equipment from accidental damage, theft, and loss. 

Personal Accident Coverage for Groundworkers

Another type of insurance you may want to consider, if you’re self-employed, is personal accident protection. What would happen if you were injured on the job and not able to work? You wouldn’t have an income and your business could end for good. 

However, personal accident insurance can protect you if you’re injured on the job. Under this coverage, you’d have a weekly income to help cover living expenses and bills until you can get back to work. This way, you can recover knowing there’s still money coming in, and your business will be there when you’re able to get back to work. 

Legal Protection Insurance for Groundworkers

Another beneficial insurance coverage for your business is legal protection. This type of insurance can protect you against employment and/or contract disputes, as well as tax or VAT investigations.

How much does groundworkers insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance premium depends on several factors including your location, the size of your business, the level of coverage you choose, and more. Plus, insurance premiums vary by insurance provider, so you’ll want to do some research, then get quotes from different insurers. 

We’ve made this process easy and fast! Just fill in a few details, and within minutes you’ll receive quotes from our trusted insurance providers. 

Do I Need Public Liability Insurance?

This is not a legal requirement; however, it’s highly recommended that you buy this coverage. The reason is that it protects you against the costs of damage and injury to third parties. Rather than covering these expenses on your own, your insurance policy will take care of them for you. 

How much groundworkers insurance coverage do I need?

The amount of insurance your need depends on your business. Here, it’s important to consider the size of your contracts and the scope of work you do. 

Comprehensive Groundworkers Insurance

Groundworkers insurance, while not legally required, is a necessity to protect you and your business from unexpected risks. We understand that it’s not always easy to determine what type of insurance, or the level of insurance that’s right for your company. 

This is why we’ve created this site. We’ve made it easy and fast to research and ask for a quote from several insurance providers at one time. Just fill in a few details, and then within minutes you’ll receive quotes from several of our trusted, professional insurance providers. 

And if you have questions, then contact us today! We’re here to help you find the answers, and ensure you have the best groundworkers insurance policy for your business. 

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