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As a professional bricklayer, you face many risks on the job every day, risks that could force your business to close. What would happen if your work damaged the property of a third party? Or what if an individual was accidentally hit in the head by a falling brick? The result would be some hefty compensation and legal fees.

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Why get Bricklayers insurance?

Consider the costs that go with claims and legal fees. Can your bricklaying business afford to cover these out of pocket? If not, then you need bricklayer’s liability insurance to protect you and your business. 

Bricklayers’ liability insurance protects you and your business from unexpected accidents that can happen through the course of a normal workday. And accidents will happen; it’s only a matter of when not if. With liability insurance, you’ll have peace of mind that you and your company are not at the whim of accidents and the resulting expenses. Bricklayers’ liability insurance will make sure your business survives, even when the unexpected happens.

Bricklayers Insurance
Bricklayers Insurance

What’s the Difference Between Bricklayers Insurance and Business Insurance? 

There are many similarities between bricklayer’s insurance and business insurance. However, bricklayer’s insurance is specifically designed to cover professional bricklayer businesses. This means the policies are tailored to your industry, rather than being just a standard business policy. 

It covers most types of bricklaying work, including the following: 

  • Private and commercial properties
  • Surveying
  • Quoting
  • Public contracts
  • New buildings or repairing old buildings.
  • Working on-site
  • And more

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Bricklayers Insurance FAQs

Do I Need Employer’s Liability Insurance for One Employee?
Yes, this is the law. You are required to have employer’s liability insurance for one or more employees, with a minimum of £5 million.
What if I Have No Employees? Do I Still Need Employer’s Liability Insurance?
If you have no employees, then you may not be required to have employer’s liability insurance however if your subcontract, hire voluntary or casual labour you should consider employers liability insurance.
I’m Self-Employed, Do I Need Employer’s Liability Insurance?
If you’re self-employed and work on your own, then you do not require this type of insurance policy. The only time you may need this is if a client requires you have employer’s liability insurance to work on a project.
What Types of Bricklayers Insurance Do I Need?

There are several types to consider, with each one providing protection for different parts of your business. 

1). Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance protects you from claims made by third parties who are injured or whose property is damaged through the course of your work. The unexpected could happen at any time, which means you need to be prepared. 

Public liability insurance isn’t legally required; however, it’s a type of policy that can protect your business and make sure it can continue to operate even when an accident happens. 

2). Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability insurance protects your company against claims from employees who are injured, become sick, or die on the job. If you have one or more employees, then you’re legally required to have this type of coverage. 

3). Tools & Equipment Insurance

Tools & equipment insurance covers all of your valuable bricklayer’s tools. Think of how much it would cost to replace your tools if they were damaged, stolen, or lost. This coverage will mean you never have to worry if the worst happens to your tools. In some cases, tools & equipment insurance may also cover hired equipment. However, be sure to read the policy carefully to see if the type of protection is included in a specific policy.

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