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As a professional glazier, you know the work can be challenging and there are certain risks that go with the job. Anything can go wrong on a project at any time. Even if you’re the most careful and cautious person in the world, accidents can happen. This is why you need to consider glaziers insurance.

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Why Do I Need a Glazier Insurance Policy? 

Working with glass can be a major hazard, especially if it’s heavy and sharp enough to cause injuries or property damage. And what happens if the glass isn’t cut properly? This is why you need glaziers insurance. 

Mishaps can happen such as a piece of glass breaking, falling on a client’s care, or someone being injured on the job. These types of claims can be very expensive. In fact, they can be so expensive that just one claim could put you and your company out of business for good. 

Glaziers Insurance
Glaziers Insurance

What Types of Insurance is Available to Glaziers? 

There are a wide variety of policies to consider, but the two most important are: 

Public liability: which protects you and your company against claims from clients or third parties who have been injured or suffered property damage caused by your business operations. 

Employer’s liability insurance: this type of coverage is a legal requirement for any business that has one or more employees. 

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Glaziers Insurance FAQs

How Much Does Glaziers Insurance Cost?

Your premium will be based on several factors including the types of risks your business faces. Insurance providers will rate these risks, which can include location, the size of your crew, as well as the coverage length and level.

Do I Really Need Glaziers Insurance?

While this isn’t a legal requirement, you should consider this type of coverage. What would happen if a large, heavy piece of glass landed on a car? Or what is a piece of sharp glass injured a passerby on the sidewalk? The result can be large claims that your company simply can’t afford. Such claims could permanently close your business. This is why you need glazier insurance. Accidents will happen, so it’s best to be prepared in advance. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is protected if the worst happens.

What Level of Glaziers Insurance Do I Need?

When it comes to public liability insurance, levels can range from £1 million all the way up to £10 million. You’ll want to choose the level that best fits your business. Choose a level that is right for your company when taking into considering the types of work you do, and more. 

Do I Need Employer’s Insurance for One Employee?

Yes, you’re legally required to have this type of coverage for one or more employees. The minimum level required is £5 million. 

Do I Need Employer’s Insurance If I Have no Employees?

No, you may not be required to have this type of insurance policy if you have no employees. However, you may want to consider this type of coverage if you hire subcontractors, casual or voluntary workers. This coverage will protect them if they’re injured or become ill on the job. 

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