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Your services involve the installation and repair of refrigeration units. While you may believe this type of coverage isn’t really necessary, then consider this. What would happen if a client or third party made a claim against your company? Could you or your company afford to pay for this out of pocket? Remember, these types of claims are usually large, which means they could put you and your business in financial danger. 

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Public Liability Insurance for Refrigeration Engineers

Any type of accident can happen when working on refrigeration units. For instance, what would happen if you left a tool on the floor, and a client or third party tripped and fell, breaking their arm? You can bet this would result in a claim, one that would be expensive. 

Your job takes you to all types of places including shops, homes, and more. Public liability for refrigeration engineers can protect you from all types of claims and legal expenses. In fact, this type of coverage could mean the difference between losing your business or staying open if hit by a claim. 

Refrigeration Engineers Insurance
Refrigeration Engineers Insurance

What Types of Insurance Does a Refrigeration Engineer Need? 

There are a couple of types of liability insurance to consider. 

Public liability: protects you and your company against claims made against you by third parties. Public liability insurance covers personal injury of third parties or damage to their property. This type of insurance may also cover you against claims that come from the sale or supply of a product. 

Employer’s liability insurance: this type of coverage protects you and your business for claims that arise from liability of death, disease, or injury by an employee when performing work for your company. 

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Refrigeration Engineers Insurance FAQs

How Much Does Refrigeration Engineers Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost of your insurance coverage will depend on various factors and the level of coverage you choose. Standard policies usually include limits from £1 million up to £1p million.

What is the Excess on Refrigeration Engineer Liability Insurance?

The excess is the amount you’ll need to pay for each claim that occurs. In most policies, public liability insurance excesses are either £250 or £500. However, there is no policy excess for claims in personal injury for either the public or employer’s liability coverage.

Do I Need Employer’s Liability Insurance for One Employee?

Yes, you’re legally required to have this type of coverage for one or more employees. The minimum level of coverage is set at £5 million.

What If I Have No Employees? Am I Still Required to Have Employer’s Liability Insurance?

No, you’re not required to have this type of coverage if you have no employees. However, keep in mind that if you have subcontractors, hire voluntary or casual workers, then you should consider employer’s liability insurance. This way, all workers are protected in case they’re injured or become ill as they work for you.

If I’m Self-Employed, Do I Still Need Employer’s Liability Insurance?

If you’re self-employed and work alone, then you’re not required to have this type of coverage. However, you may need employer’s liability insurance if a client requires you to have this type of policy for a specific project.

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